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Chicago Bears vs Pittsburgh Steelers Postgame Analysis

Marcus Cooper’s goof on the blocked FG return was a highlight of effort for the Steelers
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Final Score: 

Steelers 17 –  Bears 23

Passing Stats: 

Quarterback  Completion   Attempts Yards QBRating
Ben Roethlisberger 23  39 235  82.7
Mike Glennon  15 22 101 74.2

Steelers Receiving Stats: 

Antonio Brown:  10 receptions for 110 yards –  1 touchdown

Juju Smith-Schuster:  2 receptions for 39 yards

Le’Veon Bell:   6 receptions for 37 yards

Martavis Bryant:  2 receptions for 30 yards

Jesse James:  2 receptions for 19 yards

Rushing Stats:

Le’Veon Bell:  15 rushes for 61 yards,  Avg: 4.1 yards

Ben Roethlisberger: 1 rush for 6 yards,  Avg: 6.0 yards

Terrell Watson:  1 rush for 3 yards, Avg: 3.0 yards

Kicking Stats:

Chris Boswell – 1 for 2,  PCT: 50%,  PTS: 5


Game Summary:

In a game which featured a united political stance during the National Anthem and a comedy of unforeseen errors, the Pittsburgh Steelers fell to the Chicago Bears in overtime, giving them their first loss of the 2017 NFL season.

The first half of the game was one that featured an array of unfortunate events. After a strong series by the Steelers’ defense, third year receiver Eli Rogers dropped by a punt that was recovered by Bears safety Sherrick McManis at the Steelers 29 yard line. A few plays later, the Bears were able to convert for the first touchdown of the game, courtesy of Bears running back Jordan Howard.

On the Steelers next offensive possession, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was strip sacked, and the ball was recovered by Bears defensive end Akiem Hicks. The Steelers were able to respond, as Roethlisberger converted a 7-yard touchdown pass to receiver Antonio Brown, who provided practically all of the Steelers offense, and finished the day with 110 receiving yards.

Just before halftime, with the Steelers trailing 14-7, the Bears were able to come up with perhaps the most unusual sequence of the season, as Bears safety McManis blocked Steelers kicker Chris Boswell‘s field goal, which was recovered by Bears cornerback Marcus Cooper. The rest of the sequence speaks for itself:


Although the Steelers defense did not play the type of game needed to secure a win, they did provide most of the important plays of game. Late in the fourth quarter with the Steelers trailing by a 3, Steelers safety JJ Wilcox intercepts Bears quarterback Mike Glennon, eventually leading to another Boswell field goal to tie the game up at 17, sending the game into overtime.

In overtime, the Bears fourth-round pick running back Tarik Cohen, put together an impressive 73-yard touchdown, later overturned as it showed he stepped out of bounds. Howard then put together two impressive runs, eventually scores the winning touchdown, giving the Bears a victory in overtime over the Steelers. With this loss, the Steelers lifetime record playing at Soldier Field now falls to 1-5.


The troubling trend that has been noticeable in the Steelers first 3 games, has been their lack of consistent offensive production. Apart from Brown who has been their most consistent offensive weapon, the Steelers were not able to get a consistent running game from the All-Pro running back Le’Veon Bell; nor were they able to get much from the rest of the talented receiving corps. Many may be quick to point blame at the play calling of Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley, and some may associate this with Bell’s holdout during the preseason. With this noted, the Steelers have a chance to redeem themselves next week as they visit a motivated Baltimore Ravens team, whom were embarrassed early Sunday by the Jacksonville Jaguars in London, England.

Steelers Play of the Game: 

Antonio Brown displays in this play why he is the best receiver in the NFL.

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