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What You May Have Missed On TPOP — Jan 2015


January was a great month for TPOP in terms of the site’s traffic upswing and with TPOP adding two new writers to the fold in Michael Bradley and Connor Isted. Connor’s first article on the Steelers’ offense was this past week, with Michael’s debut set of articles on Trade Values of Pirates slated for the week of February 2nd.

My personal favorite article of the month was Steve’s look at how to restructure the Centre/Baum Corridor. In addition to his excellent graphics done in crayon, it was a well thought out article with some technical reasoning behind it.

Steve selected the article from the Off the Beaten Path series about the Bayernhof Museum. I do recommend checking this place out, as it’s a real gem. While it’s cold and miserable out, what’s better to do than tour a museum dedicated to a Grade-A eccentric?

Our resident interview guru, David Barkovich, interviewed Father Scott Seethaler over some Chinese food.

And in case you missed it, one of the better articles this month was Steve’s look at how the Pirates compare to other teams in terms of developing pitchers drafted out of college.

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